975kw Waukesha 5794 Natural Gas 480V 60Hz

975kw Waukesha 5794 Natural Gas 480V 60Hz

Available quantity: 2

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Please see the description below on 2-

Waukesha 5794ESM gas generator sets rated at 975 KW each. They were installed new in 2007 and only had test hours put on them 

Enginator serial #’s C-95992-900/1 (84 hours) and C-95092-900/2 (230 hours),

Leroy Somer generators serial #’s 003LS844 and 845 each rated at 975 KW, 1200 rpm, 240/480 volt,

Waukesha ESM controls, 24 volt electric start, heavy duty Enginator skids.

Ship loose items incluede: ASCO paralleling switchgear with engine controls, breakers and main disconnect, two Miratech muffler/catalyst exhaust systems with flex’s and piping, hot start units, oil filters, vibration spring isolators, cooling is not included. These units were installed in a building for a NRG plant in Wyoming which never became operational. They were removed in mid 2022 and the package is available for sale.

The two unit package with the switchgear f.o.b. West Texas.Units will be repackaged as follows:

1) Mount Engines to skids


2) Floor run the engines


3) Mount and align gen ends 


4) Mount Rads and pipe in.  (Both Rads are brand new)


5) Mount Mufflers and run exhaust flange/gaskets (Muffler/Catalysts are brand new)


6) Mount new Deep Sea 8610 control panel box and new breaker in the doghouse of gen end with auto breakers so they will parallel 


7) Load test


8) Paint the skid, and genset and prep for shipping.